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For 18 years Adros Baltija company is dealing with staff education and recruitment and also provides advisory service on working efficiency increase. Adros Baltija is now one of the leading company in the industry of staff recruitment and education thanks to our longstanding experience, great client portfolio and professional skills of our trainers. The history of Adros Baltija stated in 1994 when several young men understood that they are very interested in organizing consulting business in the field of staff recruitment. During the first stages we didn’t have great experience but we had a great desire to work with people and develop their skills. If you want something really bad, you will get it for sure. So in 1995 we established Adros company. 


Our leading position on Baltic market is proved by the following facts:

  • Our Clients have 100% guarantee of positive result when we recruit the staff. We’re self-critical but we can claim proudly that the effectiveness of our work (the ratio between started and finished projects) was 97% in 2006, 90% in 2007, 90% in 2008, 75% in 2009, 84% in 2010, 79% in 2011, 84% in 2012, 92% in 2013 (sometimes we hired 2 employees instead of 1 person).
  • For the last 18 years Adros Baltija has trained 6114 people, 526 of whom are the top-managers
  • Since 1996 Adros Baltija has helped to find 518 employees, 117 of whom for the managerial positions.
  • The most popular training course by Adros Baltija is ‘The psychology of debt collection’. This course was organized for 56 times. More than 1230 people have passed the course.
  • Adros Baltija works successfully in Russia proving that intellect and knowledge are the export products of our country


Our mission is

To recruit and educate staff in order to achieve the best results.

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