Alexey Saveliev   

CEO of Adros Baltija, certified psychologist, master of arts. Alexei graduated from Disney Institute, Florida, USA.  Alexei practices karate-do and is fond of heraldry.





Ija Imshineckaya

An expert in advertising and promotion.

more than 200 developed and successfully integrated promotion projects in 40 cities in 5 countries.

more than 18 years of working experience. Ija is a candidate of philological sciences, practicing business coach, an author of business trainings and seminars. All her trainings are practical, they solve real problems of people who participate in trainings. Each seminar has its handout materials, which are exclusive and very informative.    

Audit of planned and conducted advertising campaigns (the author's method)

Founder of author’s school of creativity in advertisement (70-hours program for beginners and professionals in advertisement industry)

Author of 10 books about advertisement and promotion. She lives and works in Moscow.


Evgeny Simanikhin

(Perm, Russian Federation)Evgeny walked the path from a client service manager of advertising agency to a marketing director of a major company. He works independently since 2006. Main services: branding, marketing analysis and planning, marketing communications, marketing for small businesses and start-ups, education. Evgeny conducts seminars and trainings since 2005. He is an author of MarketingScout.Ru blog, which is dedicated to search and integration of new marketing solutions.

Kseniya Meteeva

Kseniya is a practicing psychologist with more that 10 years of experience, she is an author of training courses, the consultant of style, has a certificate of Konstantin Bogomolov’s School of style. Kseniya has developed corporate identity for several Latvian companies.

Dmitry Kalninsh-Bergs

Dmitry is a practicing psychologist and psychotherapist with a longstanding experience, an author of business trainings and seminars on team building and management, the Chairman of the Board of KNOWHOUSE. Dmitry’s specialization is internal marketing projects and Client’s satisfaction surveys.

Endiys Partrige

Trainer in the field of staff recruitment. He started his path in the staff recruitment in 1986. He worked on short-term and long-term projects in London and Sydney, developing numerous successful strategies. Since 1999 Endiys conducts corporate and open trainings and also a wide range of courses and educational projects across Europe. His charismatic and enthusiastic style of education makes him one of the most popular trainers.

Leila Emberga

Leila is a business-coach who specializes on building the concept of a company and sales volume increase. She is a consultant in the sphere of communication and management. She is a member of European Coach Federation and also a member of CoachVille – the largest association of couching. She is a practicing specialist in Neuro-linguistic programming. Leila has 12 years experience in PR. She also has a certificate of German Academy of Communications, specialization – crisis management.

Martins Veide

Martins is an advertisement psychology specialist, hi is an author of ‘The psychology of Advertising’ book and also has several publications. He is a doctor of psychology and broad-minded coach. Martins is good not only at presenting different psychological principles of advertising, examples of verification of advertisement effectiveness but also he is great at coming up with the ideas that will be useful for the advertising campaigns of each participant of his trainings.

Alexander Saveliev

Associate Certified Coach (ACC), a member of International Coaching Federation (ICF), business-coach and personal growth coach. He works with business clients on improving their personal efficiency, improving the working efficiency of their companies’ units and their interaction within the company. He works on cooperation atmosphere establishment while setting the goals, evaluation of current situation, audit of resources, setting short and long-term action plans. Alexander also works individually with Clients on disclosure of their personal potential and improvement of the quality of their life.

Normund Reips

Normund Reips is specialist in staff recruitment, education and sales teams consulting. He conducts the renovation of sales departments, develops and integrates the new models of client service, installs CRM systems and trains how to work with them. He conducts team buildings and also advises on the implementation of ISO 9001 system. Normund works in practical sales and sales management since 1991. He specializes in advertisement, printing, autotrading and retail sale of fuel.


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